Instruction for the authors

Papers must present original unpublished work which has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers may be submitted only through e-mail It is recommended that papers are no longer then 12 pages, but exceptions can be made. Each papers shall be subject to two independent reviews. The reviewers shall not be aware of the authors’ names, and authors shall not be aware of reviewers’ names.


Division of paper

Divide the paper into clearly defined sections. The heading of each section should be written in capital letters Times New Roman bold, 12 pt. Each subsection has a short heading. The heading of subsection should be written in Times New Roman bold, 12 pt., not capital letters. Each heading should be in separate line. Subsections should be referred to in the text. For example, do not cite ‘as before mentioned’ or ‘above cited’ but as referred to in ‘heading of subsection’.

The front page

The front page must contain: heading of paper, names of authors and their position, address and contact, abstract and keywords.

Heading of paper. Heading of paper is to be placed at the mid top, in capital letters, Times New Roman bold, 12 pt., two lines at the most. The heading of the papers should clearly reflect the content of the paper, and if that is not possible, then the heading should be followed by subheading.

Name and the position of the author/s. Below the heading, name and family name of the author should be placed and it should attach a footnote referring to information on scientific degree and the institution where author is employed, as well as his e-mail address.

Abstract. A short abstract in Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Slovenian and English language contains between 100 and 250 words. The abstract should refer to: aims of research, methods, results and findings. Abstract should be written in Times New Roman italic 11 pt.

Keywords. Below the abstract, up to 5 keywords should be listed. Do not refer to abbreviations. Keywords shall be used for indexing purposes. Keywords should be written in Times New Roman italic 11 pt.

Text of the paper

Text of the paper begins from the following page. Text should be written in Times New Roman 11 pt., line spacing: Single, spacing between paragraphs: 6 pt. Size of the page is A4. Margins 2 cm top and bottom, 2.5 cm left and right, no header and no footer.


Please avoid the use of abbreviations in the heading and abstract. First mention in the text should refer to full wording and then in parenthesis (hereinafter referred to as ‘’the abbreviation’’).


Number your tables/pictures/schemes by order of appearance in text. Footnotes on tables/pictures/schemes should appear just bellow the table, horizontally, italic 10 pt.  Please take care that information from the tables/pictures/schemes is not repeated elsewhere in the paper


Bibliography. Make references by a number exponent in the text by order of appearance of the reference. For example: State1 is… Reference to bibliography  should contain last name and the initial first name of the author, heading of the publication in italic letters, editor, place and year of edition, page cited, for example. Kelzen H., Čista teorija prava, Gutenbergova Galaksija, Beograd 2000, p. 254.

Sources. Reference to sources should contain the heading of the source, official gazette (or if it is not possible then internet page) where the source has been published, number of official gazette, place and year of edition, article, paragraph, point. For example: Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Official Journal of the European Union, 13 December 2007, 2008/C 115/01

Web references. Please avoid the use of ‘online’ references if possible. If it is still necessary to use such references, than the reference to internet page should contain the web address, as well as the date and time of access to that address, for example accessed on 14.9.2012. at 12.00. Please take care on the credibility and the permanent accessibility of web addresses.

If you use the reference which is protected by ‘copyright’, then you must possess a permit for use of such material from other sources (including internet pages).

References as explanation of the text should, in principle, be avoided. All references should be written in Times New Roman, pt. 10.

At the end of the paper author shall make a list of bibliography and any other used references with last names of authors extracted, in Times New Roman, pt. 10, for example:

Colgan, F., Ledwith S.: Diversity and Trade Unions: International Perspectives, Routledge, 2002;

Harcourt, M., Wood, G.:Trade Unions And Democracy: Strategies And Perspectives, Transaction Publishers, New Brunsvick,New Jersey, 2006;

Jacobi, O., Jessop, B., Kastendiek, H., Regini, M.: Economic Crisis, Trade Unions and the State, Biddles Ltd, Guldford and King’s Lynn, 1986.